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Art in the Age: Punxsutawney Punch

Punxsutawney Punch Image
Punxsutawney Punch

Art in the Age:

No shadow for Phil this year, which means an early spring is on its way! Mix up a batch of RHUBARB Punxsutawney Punch in celebration!

1 part RHUBARB Tea
1 part Solerno
2 parts apple juice
1 spoon simple syrup
Squeeze of fresh lemon juice

Mulled Wine

Mulled Wine

It’s the time of the year when family and friends pop round bearing Christmas cards and gifts and for those unexpected moments when unplanned vistors turn up, it’s always good t have something quick that you can prepare on the hop. This 10 to 15 minute wonder will have you passing round the festive cheer as quick as a flash.

Not that Mr T

Cranberry Cinnamon Martini

Celebrations – Cranberry Cinnamon Martini

While scouting around for Christmas Cocktail recipes to avail my friends and family with I came across this festive recipe. It fits the bill to a tee. The recipe and picture come from
Not That Mr T

Individual pre-mixed cocktails

Pre-mixed cocktails in individual mason jars, on ice. must do for a party!

I came across this idea on Pinterest, it’s a brilliantly simple one and I can guarantee that I will be using this for a future party (maybe a special one likely to be happening in 2014).
The image is from Pinterest but the original idea was from sixinthesuburbsblog

The Big Sleep

The Big Sleep

I’ve been looking for a good cocktail recipe that contains Absinthe, and it looks like I’ve found it in Home Speakeasy’s The Big Sleep‘.

If I like it once I’ve tried it, it’ll be added to my Cocktail menu and to my recipe blog too!

Not That Mr T